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  What  I  Do

My Counseling Phillosophy

What I Do

I'm Teri Blauersouth, a licensed therapist working in St Paul MN. 

I've dedicated my 15 year career to helping people to stop feeling bullied by their emotions. If you feel hopeless because every time you've reached for changes in your life, your emotions have gotten in the way, then I might be the right person to help you make it over that hurdle, so you can move on with your life. While I've worked with many diverse clients, I especially encourage you to reach out if you're looking for a therapist embedded in the GLBTQA+ community, a therapist with an understanding of disability and chronic pain, or a therapist used to dealing with clients with a history of legal trouble or addiction. I also LOVE working with couples working on making the journey to better mental health together- as well as those couples just looking to strengthen their relationship and their ability to give and recive support from each other.

How I Do It

I help people connect with each other and with their emotions in a healthy way. One way I do this is by helping them de-bug their thoughts, to make sure they don't have any untrue thoughts adding more stress to their life or their relationships. Sometimes, that means we look at your history for clues for where things might have gotten tangled up. Other times, we start with learning to slow down thoughts so you can actually look at them, or how to communicate those thoughts clearly in a way that doesn't add problems to your life.


Some of the people I see don't feel ready to talk about their thoughts yet. Shame, embarrassment or anxiety might make it sound too intimating.  And that's ok! I believe in meeting every client where they're at. That means working at your pace, and not pressuring you into talking about things you're not ready to talk about. If that's you, we can start with changing daily habits that could be tripping you up.

I also help clients work with their body- the home of their emotions and their health. Once you know how your brain, your nerves, and all the bodies systems work together to make up your emotions, you can find loads of creative ways to support your mental health and your relationships!

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